Don't know what to do on the Oregon Coast? We have searched up and down the Oregon Coast and found tons of things to do on the Oregon Coast. Enjoy!

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Kite Flying: Fun sport that everyone in your family can enjoy. It is a lot more to kite flying than you may think.
Collect Agates: Visit some of the many Oregon Coast beaches and find treasures.
Aquarium: Visit one of the Oregon Coast aquariums and learn about life in the Pacific Ocean.
Oregon Coast Bike Route: 300+ miles - a challenge for even the most experienced biker.
Gamble: Three casinos on the Oregon Coast - Don't gamble more than you can afford to loose.
Compete: Are you a competitor? Check out Oregon Coast Contests.
Shipwrecks: Learn more about shipwrecks. See Shipwrecks along the coast or visit a museum displaying shipwrecks.
Clamming: What's for dinner? Catch your dinner. Go Clamming on the Oregon Coast.
Festival: If you like a combinations of food, drink, and entertainment, then go visit a festival on the Oregon .
Fishing: Go fishing is style, Charter a boat and go out in the Pacific Ocean.
Blow Glass: Learn how to blow glass and then create your own masterpiece.
Hatcheries: Visit a hatchery and learn about fish and see a lot of fish.
Lighthouse: Visit some of the eleven lighthouses along the Oregon Coast for interesting stories and beatiful views.
Have a Beer: Visit an Oregon Coast Brewery and taste some great local beer. (Drink Responsibly)
Museums: Nice selection of museums along the Oregon Coast. We bet you will find one that interests you.
Photography: Lots of things to photograph and film on the Oregon Coast.
Crabbing: Having a party? Go crabbing and serve delicious crab to your guests.
State Park: Visit one of the many parks along the Oregon Coast.
Surfing: You need a wetsuite, but the Pacific Ocean off the Oregon Coast is great for surfing.
Wine Tasting: Try some of the wineries on the Oregon Coast. Don't forget to have a designated driver.
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